Coconut: There has been more attractive UK pricing over the past two months, which will trigger greater demand. We expect to see prices largely firming over the rest of 2009.

Raisins: With Turkey virtually sold out, Californian pricing has and will continue to dominate any supply this side of new crop. The quantity of raisins from Turkey this coming season will be dramatically larger than this year, but will see stiff competition from Iran.

Sultanas: The Turkish new crop is expected to be at least 10% lower than this year, and prices will continue to rise. But we may see Turkey wrong-footed come October, as traditional Turkish demand from the Middle East and Eastern Europe defects to the cheaper Iranian option.

Currants: Despite the unexpected recovery of sterling against the euro (and dollar), the short crop and short quality have maintained pricing at levels over 40% higher than a year ago.

Apricots: Earlier concerns of possible further frost damage in the key growing areas of southern Turkey did not materialise, so the country is set for another excellent new crop, hopefully over 120,000mt.

Prunes: With better pricing and availability of South American fruit coming into Europe, and with reports of a potentially excellent Californian new crop in September, the news on prunes is all favourable.

l Based on information suppled by R M Curtis