Coconut: It is generally thought there is potentially less of a price downside on coconuts than a larger upside. Demand is also thought to increase as prices, helped by the weaker dollar, have improved.

Raisins: The new Californian crop will be about 10% less than last year. In Turkey, post-harvest suggests a total tonnage almost 20% lower than in 2008.

Sultanas: Turkish sultanas have seen a recent surge in both pricing and demand. The first report pre-harvest suggested a total vine fruit crop of around 285-290,000 million tonnes (mt) with 20,000mt likely to be converted to raisins. However, this figure was then slashed to 250,000mts. Prices have shot up and look likely to remain firm for the short- to medium term.

Currants: Greece reported a 1-2,000mt increase on its new crop. It will be interesting to see whether prices can be sustained at the present levels.

Apricots: It appears to be another large crop, however it seems the strong Turkish Lira and weaker Dollar against the Euro and Sterling, has increased Turkish export pricing and European demand in equal measures. Short-term, there is little chance of major price weakness.

l Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtis