Coconut: Prices remain at reasonable levels. Given the general bullishness across the market and with coconut in increasing demand across a variety of applications, pricing is more likely to rise than to fall.
Raisins: Prices should have weakened further than they have, yet origin sellers remain cautious in the hope that more markets are generically firmer than weaker.
Sultanas: Mixed messages continue to affect Turkish prices, although the recent trend is firmer than over the past six weeks or so. There are reports that the Turkish crop might "only" be 260,000mt down 25% on last year.
Currants: Greek currant pricing remains stable to firm. It is unlikely that we will see any major market weakness, other than for the UK buyers who may see some recovery in sterling should the euro continue to weaken.
Apricots: The pricing trend on Turkish apricots for the remainder of this season is looking increasingly "bullish". The latest figures show that 45,000mt have been exported so far since the start of the crop, with 10,000mt consumed domestically.
Prunes: Prune pricing has continued to offer good value, with reasonable availability and UK prices seeing the benefit of the generally stronger sterling over the past few months.
l Based on information supplied by RM Curtis