Raisins: The Turkish crop has been down-sized consistently from the more optimistic views in June/July. Reports are that, of the total vine fruit crop in the country, raisins make up only 10-15,000mts. With no export programme likely from California, export prices are likely to match the high domestic levels.

Sultanas: The crop size in Turkey is reportedly down from 248,000mts to 210-220,000mts. In the short term, prices are likely to increase.

Currants: Greece reports no supply issues this season. Although high pricing on sultanas and raisins provided an opportunity to relaunch new-season currants at a discount, in order to gain favour from bakers and manufacturers, Greece is unwilling to play that particular game and, in fact, prices are higher.

Apricots: Turkey is capable of producing 150,000mts, but the crop this year will struggle to meet even 75,000mts. Prices are unlikely to drop unless there is an unforeseen fall in global demand.

Coconut: There are some uncharacteristic shortages on specific grades. We would recommend customers look to cover their requirements until at least January 2011, if stocks are available.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis