Coconut: The market continues to reach all-time highs. Weather has hindered supply in Indonesia and the Philippines, while coconut oil prices have risen to record highs, due to demand from the biofuel sector.

Raisins: Prices in Turkey have increased rapidly over the past two months, as darker Turkish berries have been cleared out by domestic alcohol producers. Californian prices also look set to increase.

Sultanas: The market is over-priced, and has every indication of climbing further. Any respite might only now come within the summer months when weather permitting we might see a strong new crop spooking origin stock-holders into offloading their remaining current crop stocks.

Currants: Prices look set to rise in the medium term, with UK prices seeing no further benefit from the recently weak sterling.

Apricots: The Turkish apricot market continues to rise seemingly without respite. With apricots vulnerable to frost damage as late as June, there is no sign of respite for another five months or so.

Prunes: Prices for prunes continue to be stable, with adequate supply a match for existing demand.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis