Coconut: We should see some better pricing for coconut and coconut derivative products in 2012. Despite recent fluctuations, the overall trend on coconut oil is that pricing is down. But for UK and Europe of late, the lower prices being offered at origin have been offset to some extent by the stronger dollar and weaker sterling and euro.

Apricots: Prices in Turkey over the past four to six weeks have stabilised, other than due to the daily fluctuations of the lira against the dollar.

Raisins: From California, prices were slightly higher in the month before Christmas. Overall prices have stabilised recently primarily as the Turkish lira has weakened and buyers appear to have covered their needs into 2012. This lull in trading has levelled out pricing of late.

Sultanas: Prices have been on the up in Turkey as local prices broke through the TRY4/kg level. With Turkish exports running 12% higher than last year (year-to-date), Turkey has no reason or need to lower its margin aspirations.

Currants: The Greek new crop is largely pre-sold, and new offers are now extremely hard to find.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis