Hoshizaki has launched a new chemical-free cleaning system, which takes ordinary tap water and transforms it into Alkaline ’E’ Water and Acidic ’E’ Water.

The ROX machine can use these two water types for almost all cleaning and sanitising requirements, without the use of chemicals and detergents. It is available in two models - the ROX-10WB-E which produces 0.7-1.5 litres of each water per minute, and the ROX-20TB-E, which produces 1.5-3 litres of each water per minute.

The machine has a central tank, which takes tap water, with the addition of salt, and uses electrolysis and a negatively charged terminal on one side (for Alkaline ’E’ Water) and a positively charged terminal on the other side (for Acidic ’E’ Water). The Alkaline water is suitable for dissolving proteins and oils, whereas the acidic water is suitable for sanitising and for the removal and control of bacteria, which the company says is 80 times more effective than chemical cleaning. The two types of water can be used individually or at the same time and do not leave any residue.

The two models are available for sale, lease and rental and are covered by a two-year guarantee.