Almonds: From mid-May, the first of the official crop estimates start to generate and pricing will react accordingly. Demand appears to be stronger than ever, especially from the Far East and, despite the global economic downturn, will probably prevent any major further price decrease, despite bearish news on a big crop size.

Hazelnuts: Hazelnut prices have confounded expectations for lower levels, following the Turkish national elections at the end of March, as traded levels have climbed exponentially.

Walnuts: The grading of the Californian walnuts, particularly on halves, does not offer a like-for-like comparison with China or India, although their prices have been competitive for the first time this season. Despite the excellent Californian prices, we would advise caution on prices over the July-December 2009 period.

Cashews: With stock levels buoyant in Europe and in the US, with relatively low levels of new demand showing at origin, we may see prices ease in the short- to medium term while they find the next level of origin buying interest.

Pistachios: Despite some recovery by sterling over the past month, this has only marginally limited the relentless ascent of US pistachio pricing. With stocks in origin now precariously low, there is more demand than supply.

l Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtis