Almonds: July and August statistics are unlikely to show any sort of volume decline and September-November are the months when shipments are at their highest, so all roads currently point "north".

Walnuts: If California produces another big crop in October, then prices might remain stable. India reports only an average crop coming.

Cashews: Over June and July, both the Vietnamese and Indian new crops were showing poor yield. Much of the buying for the remainder of 2009 is now done, and attention is focused on the prospect of the new crops in Brazil and East Africa.

Pecans: Prospects for better supply from the US into 2010 remain and, weather permitting, we would hope to see prices ease as the New Year approaches.

Pistachios: With no new crop available from the US this side of November, the stocks of remaining kernels and in-shell need to last another two to three months, so prices can only move up short-term.

Brazil nuts: Despite the pound’s recovery, sterling prices have risen by 15% and look likely to slip over the "magic" £3,000pmt (for bulk) mark for wholes.

Hazelnuts: Assuming the new crop is not short to meet demand, we could see some price weakening into the autumn.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis.