Almonds: There has been a more favourable May almond estimate of 700,000mt+, over 100,000mt better than was previously estimated after the bloom. For now at least and up to the next estimate, the trend is for lower pricing, but this would be immediately reversed by a more negative new crop figure in June.

Hazelnuts: There has been a variety of forecasts for the new crop from 450,000mt-600,000mt due to weather damage. The new crop sizing will become more apparent later in June, although Turkey is not famed for its accurate crop forecasts.

Walnuts: Prices have been pushed to near double their "usual" levels. With no new crop respite for some considerable time yet, this market is set to remain strong for the remaining months of 2010.

Cashews: The recent Vietnamese new crop has disappointed, vindicating those observers who feared the impact of the high temperatures pre-harvest. In the short term, prices will probably firm further.

Pecans: The expectations for the 2010 harvest, over November/December, are for this new crop to be the so-called "off year", cyclically speaking. With ever-tightening origin prices and a weak currency, this is set to be a progressively more difficult market.

Pistachios: The prospect of any respite from a larger new crop have been shrinking on a monthly basis, with latest estimates putting the 2010 crop some 50% lower than reports earlier this year and on the back of a series of frosts and a low water table.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis