Essex-based grain and bakery ingredients supplier Edme has joined forces with Dutch brand CereX in a deal that will enhance its product range, with the addition of malt extract ingredients.

The joint venture aims to combine the production, packaging and distribution capabilities of both partners.

As part of the agreement, Edme has developed a £350,000 packaging facility, designed to turn out tonnes-worth of stock alongside small-scale orders, of 10, 12.5 and 15 kilograms.

CereX extracts are produced at its plant in Leishout, working with sister organisation Holland Malt. Edme said it hoped the joint venture would create a one-stop-shop for customers across the baking, cereal and food industries.

“Malt extract was our staple product when we started trading more than 100 years ago, and it feels good to be back,” said James Smith, sales director at Edme. “There has been a shift for producers, large and small, who are seeking out functional, natural products to comply with regulations, meet cost requirements and satisfy end-user expectations.

“With our new packaging facility, we can service both ends of the market, satisfying our existing customer base and building our offer for producers across the continent.”

Dutch brand CereX is part of the Bavaria brewery group.