Bakers and millers in the London area are having to pay substantially more for transporting goods, due to widening of the Transport for London, Low Emission Zones. Also, from January 2012, "larger vans, lorries, and heavy or diesel specialist vehicles" will be affected for the first time.

Large firms have been gradually updating their fleets, but smaller companies are finding the extension zone a significant cost. Chris Tomkins, proprietor of Kistrucks Bakery in East London and on the Essex border, told British Baker: "We only do 43 miles a day. We have had to buy a new van costing £11,000, otherwise it would have cost £2,800 for two filters and would have to be serviced yearly for up to £500. Otherwise, entering the zone incurs a £100 penalty per day."

Des Solomon, transport manager for miller Wright’s Flour of Ponders End, Middlesex, said: "We have had to update four delivery vehicles, which has cost us £6,000-£7,000 per vehicle."