Lancashire company SpringThyme Oils has developed a range of fresh-flavoured infused fluid shortenings specifically for the bakery sector. They are made by blending hard and soft vegetable oils with fresh herbs and spices, such as chilli, garlic, rosemary or thyme. These are then infused into an oil matrix to create fat-based flavour solutions.

The shortenings can be used to make a wide variety of bakery products, including speciality breads, soft rolls, pizza, pastry and laminated pastries, savoury snacks, biscuits and cake batters. According to the firm, the product has no detrimental effect on dough rheology and can help to increase both the volume and product life of baked goods. "They have the convenient handling properties of liquid oils," said sales and marketing director Ken Williams.

The new range is additive- and GMO-free and carries a shelf-life of up to six months.