l World salt talks have been taking place in London. A salt reduction forum, hosted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the World Health Organization, looked at what is necessary to set up a successful salt reduction strategy. The link to the report will be made available on the FSA’s website: food.gov.uk.

l Cookery shows and documentaries are more influential than government healthy eating campaigns, according to the latest survey by YouGov SixthSense. Comments made by Health Minister Andrew Lansley at a conference in Brighton were critical of the ’Jamie Oliver’ approach to increasing public awareness of health and fitness. However, YouGov data revealed that only 10% of adults claim that their eating habits are influenced by government healthy eating campaigns. Twenty-one per cent said they were affected by celebrity and media influence.

l The birthplace of drive-thru restaurants has decided to ban new drive-thrus opening in the area due to the widening effects on its residents’ waistbands, reported The Independent (World). Baldwin Park, California was home to the first drive-thru, which was opened by Harry Synder in 1948. The town, which measures around 6.5 square miles, now contains 17 drive-thrus, according to the newspaper.