Meat is the world’s deadliest drug, according to The Daily Mail, following claims by scientists in the US that junk food containing high levels of fat, sugar and salt can trigger the same cravings as Class A drugs. "Our brains produce a feeling of pleasure after that first hit of nutritionally dubious rubbish and then it takes more and more of the stuff to repeat that initial high," writes Janet Street-Porter.

Consumers around the world want to eat more healthily and buy food that is grown, raised and produced in responsible ways. However, when money is tight, they often turn to products that offer the best value whether they’re healthy and environmentally responsible or not. These were the findings of a global online poll of more than 27,000 consumers by The Nielsen Company found that while financial concerns (33%) were a major obstacle to healthy eating, the biggest barrier was a perceived time crunch for survey respondents, with 35% of consumers agreeing to the statement, ’I don’t always eat healthily because I haven’t got time’.

Sainsbury’s is recalling its Freefrom Rich Fruit Cake Slices with a best before date of 4 November 2010, because the product contains low levels of wheat gluten. The Food Standards Agency said this made the product a possible health risk to anyone with a gluten intolerance or an allergy to or intolerance of wheat, and has issued an allergy alert.Sainsbury’s is recalling the affected product from customers and has contacted allergy support organisations. Notices will be displayed in all stores, explaining to customers why it has been recalled.