Coconut: Origin coconut prices have eased over the past 1-2 months, although these declines have been largely offset by the stronger dollar. Demand for coconut should pick up in the run-up to Easter.

Raisins: Although Turkish raisins are scarce and still trading at a widening premium over Turkish sultanas, their prices are still cheaper than the US fruit and California will need to drop down much lower before it can effectively compete again, although the dollar weakness right now is encouraging.

Sultanas: Exports from the start of the season to date, virtually mirror those figures from last year (approx 125,000mts) although availability is far greater. Provided the weather prevails and there appears to be another big crop on the horizon, then pricing should stabilise if not weaken further.

Currants: Prices are still high in Greece, with little reason to reduce their export pricing, and compounded by a euro/sterling exchange rate, now 25% worse than six months ago. The quality coming out of Greece is also unreliable this season.

Apricots: There has been little to no change in UK pricing over the past two to three months. As always, the developing new crop in Turkey is vulnerable to frost damage until June, which has affected the crop and pricing on more than one occasion.

? Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtis.