The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has unveiled the first raft of its recommendations for reducing saturated fat and added sugar in bakery pro-ducts, following its consultation last summer.

It is encouraging the baking industry to reduce saturated fat in biscuits, cakes and buns, as well as increase the availability of smaller portion sizes.

The Agency has announced specific targets to reduce the saturated fat content in plain sweet and savoury biscuits, and plain cakes by at least 10%; and 5% in non-plain biscuits (those not containing chocolate) by 2012.

A revised deadline of 2014 has been given for a 5% reductionin saturated fat in existing biscuits containing chocolate and non-plain cakes; this is designed to take into account the increased technical challenges involved in making these goods.

Further recommendations on pastry, savoury snacks, meat products and dairy will follow early in the summer.

l The FSA has also published commitments from a number of bakery manufacturers highlighting the progress they’ve made with salt reduction. Marks & Spencer revealed that its bread and sandwiches now meet the 2012 salt reduction targets, while Burton’s Foods said that 95% of its sweet filled biscuits and 98% of sweet unfilled biscuits are already under the 2012 maximum category targets.