Bread manufacturer Giles Foods has completed the first phase of a multi-million-pound expansion programme at its Pain Artisan bakery in Milton Keynes.

The firm, which manufactures speciality breads, garlic bread, Danish pastries and sweet tarts, has doubled the size of its bakery and invested £3.5m in new plant and equipment. A new ‘technologically advanced’ three-deck tunnel oven has been installed – the first of its kind in the UK, according to the firm.

The site has been increased by 45,000sq ft, and a new adjoining cold store and upgraded loading and distribution facilities are scheduled for spring next year.

Sales and marketing director David Marx said the new oven has enabled the firm to achieve “a massive increase in product quality”, allowing it to, for example, control the thickness of the crust.

“Sandwich manufacturers are now coming to us and asking if we can produce a ciabatta-style product with a thinner top crust and a heavier sole crust and we are able to say ‘no problem’,” said Marx.

The investment has also enabled the firm to cut its input costs, reduce its carbon footprint and achieve increased efficiency across the business.

Marx added that the company is soon to begin a substantial new product development programme, with reformulated and new frozen and chilled products scheduled to hit the market in spring and summer next year.

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