Bakery products will play a leading role in Waitrose’s new Good to Go food range, developed to support its move into the convenience store market.

Over 60 different sandwiches have been launched under the new brand, including gluten-free and reduced-calorie options, along with bread-free Romaine lettuce leaf ‘boats’, which contain fillings such as oriental prawns and noodles.

An extensive range of sweet bakery goods, covering cookies, pastries, cupcakes, muffins and brownies, is also available.

The retailer currently operates 17 convenience store formats in the UK and plans to open 300 by 2020. It has also developed outlets in Welcome Break motorway service stations and is trialling convenience
products in Boots stores.

The Good to Go range will be available across all stores, including supermarkets. “Good To Go gives us a fantastic opportunity to help our customers eat quality, innovative food on the move at a great price and strengthens our convenience business,” said MD Mark Price.

>>Waitrose to ramp up convenience bakery offering