Heinz Foodservice is to offer Heinz SqueezMe! sauce pods in a variety pack from February. The 80-pod pack will be made up of five different sauces 20 Heinz Mayonnaise, 20 Heinz Garlic Mayo, 20 Heinz Tartare, 10 HP Brown and 10 HP BBQ.
Tal Drori, brand manager for Heinz Foodservice, said the flavours were chosen in response to customer feedback. "For example, customers might easily get through a case of Heinz Tomato Ketchup a week, but might not be able to justify buying a case of Heinz Mayonnaise or HP BBQ Sauce. The Variety Pack allows them to offer more choice during a tough economic climate."
According to an IPSOS Survey, consumers don’t mind paying 15p and upwards for a pod of sauce, claimed Heinz.