Honeytop Speciality Foods claims to have created the world’s largest ever naan bread. At 10ft by 4ft, the giant flatbread is the equivalent of 167 normal size naan breads, and was created to launch Brewers Fayre’s curry nights.

The firm said it is the only bakery manufacturer in the country with a specialist tandoori-style oven with the capacity to cook an authentic bread of such magnitude.

The traditional plain naan, was made using an authentic naan recipe including yoghurt, ghee and Kalonji seeds and weighed more than 40kg. It took over five hours to make and needed eight people to carry it.

Said Pauline Catterall, director of new business development at Honeytop: “We were very excited to be challenged by Brewers Fayre to create the world’s largest naan bread.”

The firm said it believed the naan broke the previous record set by Asda and baked by Honeytop in 2004 which measured 7.7ft by 3.3ft.

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