Honeytop has more than doubled capacity at its bakery and claims to have the world’s largest and fastest tortilla line.

The Dunstable-based family firm, which also manufactures naans, flatbreads, pancakes and crumpets, has seen demand soar for its tortillas, prompting it to ramp up production at its site in Woodside Industrial Estate.

It recently completed a major expansion project, investing up to £9m in the addition of a 140,00sq ft site, which now houses the tortilla production facility, and 140 extra staff. William Eid, foun-ding director and head of research and engineering at Honeytop, said: "It was our desire to exceed our customers’ expectations that led us to install our tortilla lines, which are now believed to be the fastest in the world."

Joint-MD David Laurence said the business currently holds 70% of the total naan bread market in the UK, and has experienced 100% growth in the last couple of years, following its break into the morning goods and tortilla markets around 18 months ago. Although the naan bread side of the business is marginally larger than morning goods, the firm sees tortilla production as a huge growth opportunity, he added.

Around 15% of the business’ sales now come from its exports to Europe, and the firm said it was looking to expand sales abroad, having recently shipped products to India and Australia. Plans are already in the pipeline to supply chapattis to India, as well as setting up a production bakery there by the end of the year.