Machinery: two lines, each utilising four FlexPicker IRB 360 robots for the picking and stacking of pancakes

Why installed: to improve productivity and hygienic conditions for the production of pancakes

How it came about: recognising the need to improve productivity, the food specialist approached ABB’s channel partner RG Luma - suppliers of industrial automation, special purpose machines and robotic integration - to lend its expertise

What it does: speeds up the production line, increasing productivity and reducing labour costs

Tech spec: the four FlexPicker robots are capable of handling 110 picks per minute to ensure all pancakes are picked and stacked quickly and precisely. The robots are also connected, via conveyor belts, to a standalone, automated hot plate production line that produces large quantities of batter-based products

Problems solved: Turnaround time has been dramatically reduced between products and as a result it can meet its customer’s tight deadlines without delay. The robots have already enabled the firm to absorb a number of overheads

Supplied by: RG Luma

Telephone: 01905 753700