Hovis has launched a £5m television advertising campaign to support its move to using 100% British wheat in its loaves last month.

The campaign will run for six weeks from 12 February, and will comprise four separate commercials promoting a different loaf in each – Soft White, Wholemeal, Best of Both and Granary.

The adverts will show a sandwich being made and cut into eight pieces and separated slightly to resemble the image of the Union Jack.

“We’re confident that the 100% British wheat campaign and the multi-million-pound support that we are putting behind it will continue to drive our sales in 2010,” commented Hovis marketing director Jon Goldstone.

From the end of January 2010, Hovis switched its entire product range to flour milled from 100% British wheat, and is the first major British bread brand to make such a change across its entire range.