Hovis hopes to persuade more people to have toast for breakfast, by reminding them of the health benefits of Hovis Wholemeal.

Its new £2m campaign will communicate healthy and filling breakfast ideas, with new brand ambassador, Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton, fronting the promotion.

Hovis marketing director Jon Goldstone said: "People asso-ciate a healthy and filling breakfast with cereals and we want to remind them that wholemeal bread can be just as good for you. Hovis Wholemeal toast, with a healthy topping, is a great alternative to cereal. It is low in both fat and sugar and high in fibre, which helps you feel fuller for longer to help ’power you through to lunch’."

During April, press advertisements and advertorials will communicate the ’Powers me through to lunch’ message, along with a 25p coupon to drive purchase. The campaign will run on wholemeal packaging and will be supported by sampling and PoS.