== Bakery rise forecast ==

A new report from Datamonitor has predicted that the UK bakery and cereals market will grow by 1.7% by 2010, to reach £8.15bn. Bread & rolls was the biggest category in 2007, it reported, at 37.4% of the market, followed by: cookies/sweet biscuits, 19.1%; breakfast cereals, 17.6%; cakes & pastries, 14.4%; morning goods, 7%; and crackers/savoury biscuits, 4.5%.

== Sugar footprint ==

British Sugar, with its sister company Silver Spoon, is the first sugar manufacturer to certify its carbon footprint using the new PAS 2050 method. This new independent standard enables greater cost savings and the opportunity to help the fight against climate change.

== McVitie’s fat reduced ==

United Biscuits (UBUK) has announced a reduction in saturated fat content on three of its McVitie’s brands. From November 2008, McVitie’s Digestives, McVitie’s HobNobs and McVitie’s Rich Tea will contain 50% less saturated fat. The reduction will be promoted to consumers in January via a TV campaign and PR.

== The panda returns ==

Fox’s has brought back its ’biggest fan’ advertising campaign - Vinnie the Panda. Following the success of the first stint of TV advertising, which resulted a sales rise of over £4.3m, a further £2m is being spent on the Vinnie campaign.

== POS winner ==

Ingredients manufacturer Zeelandia has revealed the winner of its national contest to produce point-of-sale (POS) material for bakery retailers’ windows. Steven Pellow from Pellow’s Family Craft Bakers in Penzance, Cornwall, devised the winning slogan, which was printed on POS posters ordered through Zeelandia’s website.