== Change of venue ==


There has been a change of venue for the entries from the London and South East Region competition for the California Raisin Bread Competition 2009 (as referred to in this week’s Reporting In column - pg 11). It will take place at the National Association of Master Bakers’ head office in Ware, Hertfordshire, not BAKO London as stated on the flyers sent out. If entrants are unable to deliver their products to the Ware office on the 19 March deadline, please contact Anthony Kindred on 0207 642 0799.



== New Waitrose line ==


Waitrose has unveiled a new own-brand label range - Essential Waitrose - designed to offer consumers more ’value’ products. Launched in stores nationwide on Monday, 9 March, Essential Waitrose is a range of over 1,400 lines, made up of 200 new lines as well as existing lines, 450 of which will be reduced in price.The range, which is being rolled out until October, will include some bakery and morning goods.



== Megans is sold ==


Megans Bakery has been sold as a going concern to a group looking to invest heavily in the production of frozen unbaked pasties. It has started operating from the factory in Hirwaun, South Wales, after the company filed for administration last December. Administrator Resolve Partner confirmed that it had sold the assets on.



== TV time for baker ==


The Hairy Bakers, Simon King and David Myers, have been filming for their next series at Pocklingtons Bakers in Lincolnshire. The programme focused on Pocklingtons’ award-winning Lincolnshire Plum Bread, how it’s made, its history and why it’s popular. Filming took place at the Louth shop and the series is due to be broadcast this autumn.