Bakery buyer sought

Administrators are still looking for a buyer for craft bakery business North East Bakery, which went into administration on 22 December. The Newcastle-based firm, run by entrepreneur Greg Phillips, folded after costly rebranding plans and "a disappointing trading performance" saw `the firm’s liquidity hit hard. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Mark Loftus is still looking for a buyer for the firm’s 20,000sq ft bakery in Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne and 13 retail units.

Tray misuse

Bread tray provider Bakers Basco has won its first conviction for misappropriation of its bread trays, when a director of Yorkshire Poultry Products was in contempt of court for breaching an existing injunction. A spokesperson from Bakers Basco said it is believed the poultry firm found the trays outside a shop after the bread had been delivered and then used them to hold their chickens. The director was sentenced to an eight-week prison term, suspended for 12 months.

Europain approaches

The largest hall at the Europain exhibition, which takes place at Parc des Expositions near Paris, on 6-10 March, is aimed at craft bakers, but the show is also targeted at industrial bakers as well as confectioners, chocolatiers and patissiers. Adults and students will take part in competitions and there will be a special ’shop’ for bakers to buy ancillaries.

Pepper pasty love

One baker’s pepper pasties have become an internet hit, after pasty lovers set up an online fan club on Facebook. The Jolly Baker appreciation group now has 682 members on the social networking site, where fans have posted pictures of themselves enjoying the pasties.