By number ruling

The European Parliament was due (16 June) to vote on the inclusion of a provision in the Food Information Regulation (FIR) directive, which, under the existing EU directive, allowed member states to sell some wrapped products by number, such as six-pack rolls. See for update.

Delice’s Irish move

Cuisine de France Foodservices Ireland has announced that it is rebranding its operation as Delice de France. The move will enable the firm to bring over 300 new foodservice lines into Ireland. A website has also been launched.

Grains forecast

Wheat and grain prices are set to rise over the next decade, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the OECD. Its Agricultural Outlook (2010-2019) predicted that, on average, wheat and grain prices will be 15-40% higher in real terms (after adjusting for inflation); vegetable oils look set to be around 40% higher.

Schools fight back

State boarding schools are fighting a ban on giving pupils sweet treats, such as cakes, between lessons, according to The Telegraph. One teacher was told he could be prosecuted after writing to government officials telling them he was considering flouting the rules.

ASA says ads are OK

The Advertising Standards Agency has dismissed a complaint by Starbucks, which alleged that Costa Coffee’s advertising, stating "Starbucks Drinkers Prefer Costa" and "7 out of 10 Coffee Lovers Prefer Costa" were misleading. Starbucks believed it implied a preference for all Costa products over those of its competitors when it referred only to cappuccinos.