Bako trophy winner

Tameside College recently held its annual Food Studies Competitions, which included a bakery category this year sponsored by Bako North Western. In a live contest, students were asked to make a set of four gingerbread houses, showcasing their talent in front of a panel judges. Fara Aziz was judged winner of the Bako Challenge Trophy.

Calorie scheme falters

Only five of the 21 foodservice businesses, including Pret A Manger, which trialled calorie labelling at point of choice have confirmed they will continue with the scheme. A consultation by the Food Standards Agency, Provision of calorie labelling at point of choice in catering outlets, which ran from 3 December 2009 to 11 March 2010, was designed to develop recommendations for displaying calorie information in foodservice outlets. More details on

Age divide on coffee

A generational divide exists in UK coffee consumption, said a poll by YouGov SixthSense. It found that 83% of over-55s drank a cup of instant coffee in the last month, compared to 67% of 18- to 24-year-olds. Younger generations are more likely to choose alternatives such as a cappuccino (43%), a latte (39%) and an americano (22%).

Irish man passes on

Former baking industry worker Jim Humphries sadly died in Dublin, recently. For much of his career, he was a sales manager in bakery ingredients for Cork-based firm Dowdall O’Mahony, now part of Kraft Foods. He was committed to the Institute of Irish Bakers and was closely involved with the National Bakery School, a tradition continued in the family by one of his two sons, Robert, who is currently teaching there.