Pick-and-place denesting technology specialist IXIA Packaging Systems has developed a high-performance denester for the baking industry. It has been designed to automatically pick, fold and place U card or acetate pack bases on to a flighted conveyor, ready for filling and wrapping.

U cards or acetates are used to line the base of flow-wrapped packs containing bakery items, such as hot cross buns or bread rolls. The denester has ’Snapdragon’ quick-change tooling, which enables the operator to change card or acetate types and sizes in less than two minutes.

The machine can also handle a range of U card styles, including perforated or scored versions. It also ensures highly accurate placement of the folded card between the conveyor flights at speeds of up to 60 packs per minute.

The unit can be easily transferred between different lines or moved for cleaning.

The pneumatically driven denesters are capable of handling closely stacked plastics, aluminium foil and cardboard trays, cartons, pizza bases, pots and containers in a variety of shapes.