Kingsmill has spotted a gap in the market and filled it with a new smooth loaf, baked with oats and wheat, branded Oatilicious.
The firm said it has looked to what’s popular within the breakfast cereal market and has applied it to bread. "Oat-led products, combining the goodness of wholegrain oats with great taste, are already popular in other categories, but Kingsmill Oatilicious is the first branded loaf of its kind in the bread category," said Michael Harris, Kingsmill marketing controller.
Hitting the shelves this month, the loaf will be supported by a £1.3m marketing campaign. Looking at the health trend, research by Kingsmill revealed that 22% of food choices are made with health benefits in mind. However, as Kingsmill believed the health benefits of oats are well-known to consumers, it felt it should concentrate on the ’taste’ message when marketing.
The loaf has been developed to fit into the ’healthier white’ segment of the market, now worth £186.5m (source: Nielsen).
Taste tests showed consumers’ opinion of the product improved once they had tasted it, compared to their perception of what it might be like beforehand.