Maher & Sons Bakery is to feature in the new series of Mary Queen of Shops, to be broadcast from 7 June on BBC2.

It is expected to make unmissable viewing, as national news-paper reports have suggested that retail guru Mary Portas and bakery owner Angela Maher did not see eye to eye. In Maher’s own words to BB: "She just knew nothing about bakery."

The family-run independent bakery, based in Raynes Park, London, has garnered vast amounts of support in the comment section of The Telegraph’s website in response to its article ’Hail Mary Portas, Queen of Shops’.

One of many supporters of the bakery wrote: "In the 30 years I have used the bakery, Angela has constantly managed the balance between ’moving on’ with new ideas and maintaining constants from a very good local bakery to a café atmosphere at the heart of the local community. I feel sure she wanted a programme that would acknowledge the bakery’s strengths and help her to ’tweak’ her way forward improvements not total reinvention."

Maher & Sons will feature in the first programme of the series on 7 June, at 9pm.