Maidaid has made a number of changes to its dishwasher range. Firstly its new Evolution 2025ws pass-through dishwasher features the Salt ’n’ Go water softening system. The machine will operate continually, with no break while the softener is regenerating. The wash tank is 20 litres instead of the industry-standard 39 litres, meaning it is more ecological in terms of water usage.

The firm also claims to have improved water quality with a new and patented water filtration system. "Soiled wash water is forced to the bottom of the tank as clean water is introduced unlike many conventional machines, which mix the two. Cleaner wash water means more efficient rinsing," explained Maidaid.

The firm’s portfolio also now includes the new Evolution 500ws under-counter dishwasher, which is 100mm shorter than conventional full-size models, according to Maidaid.