McDonald’s has angered UK bakers after mislabelling a pasty product in a regional visitor guide.

The global fast food giant incorrectly spelt the traditional bakery product as ‘pastie’ in a commemorative London 2012 Olympic Games reporter’s notebook called Useful Words for Visiting London, and described the product as a ‘meat pie’.

Phil Abbott, director of Dewney Pasties, told The Guardian: “I’m sure people will find it very funny to hear a pasty described as a ‘meat pie’… A pasty isn’t a meat pie. A meat pie is a meat pie. A pasty is wrapped in pastry. A pie has crust. And a pasty contains a lot more than meat."

Abbott added that McDonald’s, one of the main sponsors of the Olympic Games, should know better and calling a pasty a meat pie was, “like calling a Big Mac a beef sandwich”.

It has been reported that McDonald’s has yet to give a response to the pasty misspelling and incorrect product description.