Celebration cake maker Mich Turner MBE has revealed exciting plans for 2011, including new premium branded cakes for retail, a book, a range of baking utensils and the UK’s first cake-making tuition app.

Little Venice Cake Company’s (LVCC) branded cakes feature new packaging and will be priced sub-£10. They arrive following a new licensing arrangement with a cake manufacturer. The cakes include triple-layer couture chocolate truffle cake, decorated with chocolate pine needles and hand-moulded truffle roses; and a triple-layer elegant vanilla velvet cake.

An LVCC baking equipment range, to launch in May, will include everything from baking tins to smoothers, knives, scissors, piping bags, nozzles and tools. "We’re looking to upgrade on everything that is currently available, and make it best in class," said Turner.

The smartphone app, set for mid-2010, will feature recipes and how-to masterclasses, with seasonal add-ons, such as Christmas cake decorating. "Our masterclasses have become so popular, not just from people in this country but from overseas, and there’s only so much of me to go around," explained Turner. "When we have the app, you’ll be able to tap into that expert knowledge, any time, anywhere."

Her next book, Cake Master-class, scheduled for February, is a technical and in-depth series of step-by-step guides. Turner explained: "Being a scientist, it follows quite a scientific approach to the world of baking, filling, frosting, covering and decorating cakes. So there are lots of whys and wherefores behind making things."

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