A micro business owner, looking to offer a local supply of brotform baking baskets, is using online fundraising scheme Kickstarter to try and get his business off the ground.

Mike Batho is looking to create a British brotform, or banneton - a cane basket typically used to make artisan breads such as sourdough - in a bid to cut the number of imports of the traditional cane versions, which he said are typically shipped from China or Indonesia.

He has set his fundraising target at £3,500 and currently has £310 pledged, with 21 days to go. This would go towards the tooling and first run of 1,000 pieces.

Batho said that with the trend for artisan baking growing in strength, and the fact it is a trade that usually champions local produce and materials, he believes offering a local alternative would be popular.

Due the fact the cane used for these baskets is typical of more tropical climates, he is looking to produce one out of recycled or recyclable plastic.

Batho has come up with his own design and had a prototype made and tested. He is currently seeking protection for the design and is ready to go into production.

"I have emails from a number of leading British artisan bakeries who are very supportive and would happily transfer over to my British made brotform in their bakeries," according to Batho’s Kickstarter page.