Supermarket enthusiasm for bread made with 100% British flour continues to grow, with Morrisons looking into making the switch in its in-store bakeries and Tesco launching an advertising campaign highlighting the use of home-grown wheat in its in-store farmhouse loaves.

Andy Clegg, Morrisons’ bakery trading manager, told British Baker that he is currently investigating whether the retailer’s in-store bakeries could move over to using all-British flour in its products. "Currently some of our flour is made with a mix of German and British flour, but we are in talks with millers over switching to all British.

"We’re looking at this year’s harvest and if we can match the current quality of our flour, we’d be happy to do it. It’s a work in progress, but we are nearly there in terms of quality."

Last year, Sainsbury’s announced that its 400 in-store bakeries had moved to using flour made with home-grown wheat, while Waitrose launched a range of crusty loaves made with only English flour last month. Hovis also generated headlines last year when it committed to using only British flour in its entire range.

Tesco is currently highlighting its links with British wheat farmers, with an advertising campaign for ISB farmhouse loaves, which are made with wheat sourced from up to 5,000 British farms. The range, which includes tiger bread, white bloomers, tin and sandwich loaves, is being promoted in full-page newspaper adverts and on railway station billboards as part of a larger campaign to highlight Tesco’s links with British farming.

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