Retailer Morrisons is launching a range of ethnic breads made from scratch in-store, including Jewish and Greek loaves and a Polish bloomer.

"Polish bakers working in our stores provided inspiration for the bloomer," said Martin Clayton, bakery specialist at Morrisons. "Our in-store bakers are always keen to try their hand at producing new and exciting breads."

The bloomer, which costs 75p, will be made from ingredients sourced from Poland, including a light rye flour.

Morrisons currently stocks 55 Polish products, including pre-packed breads.

According to the retailer, there is huge market potential for these types of products, as the number of Polish people living in the UK currently stands at over 600,000.

Also available in selected stores where there are large Jewish and Greek communities, Morrisons is stocking a Jewish bread - cholla - and a Greek daktyla.

It said speciality breads, such as baguettes, focaccia, ciabatta, naan, pitta, rye breads, cornbreads, organic breads and flavoured breads, is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the bakery sector.

Ethnic products, such as pitta and naan, account for 40% of bread sales and are continuing to grow.

Morrisons has 2,000 in-store bakers, who prepare 127 different varieties of bread.