Morrisons has become the first major multiple to introduce a range of regional breads baked in-store from locally grown wheat.

Following a trial that started in July, four types of bread are now being offered in selected stores in Yorkshire, Wessex and East Anglia. Introduction of the range, comprising two 800g and two 400g loaves, started in September.

The 800g varieties are a Checkerboard loaf and a Cracked Wheat tin loaf, both retailing at £1.05. The smaller loaves are a Seeded Wheel and a Coburg Cob, which sell for 69p. Martin Claydon, Morrisons’ bakery specialist, said the product offering was tailored to reflect the tastes and preferences of the local area. "We are bringing our customers freshly baked bread with provenance," he said, "and have taken the first steps in providing the nation with local bread."

A Morrisons spokeswoman told British Baker it had introduced the rustic breads because of increasing popularity and escalating demand for locally sourced products.

The loaves are now available in 33 stores, 11 in Yorkshire, 12 in Wessex and 10 in East Anglia. Roll-out into further areas depends on the success of the current range and the availa- bility of their specialist wheats in those areas.

Morrisons has 2,000 trained in-store bakers. They did not need special training to produce the rustic range, but received detailed recipes and mixing and baking instructions for each, together with illustrations of the finished products.