"I missed the Mumsnet question about biscuits: the answer is absolutely anything with a bit of chocolate on it, but trying very hard to cut down"

PM Gordon Brown finally caves in by issuing a statement on Twitter after failing to answer the burning question of our times, ’what is your favourite biscuit?’, posed on 12 occasions in an interview on Mumsnet.com

"I’m sorry the Prime Minister did relent. I wish that he had replied to TweetiePie@Gmail.com’s question: ’I didn’t give up an hour in my sleep-starved, highly-frazzled day, when I could have been co-ordinating our response to the global downturn or negotiating with NATO partners over Afghanistan, to answer the sort of questions which would be cosmically inane if directed by an eight-year-old to Mika in a webchat sponsored by Heat, but when put by a grown adult to the Prime Minister of the fourth-largest economy in the world make me weep hot tears of despair at our shrivelled media culture’"

Tory frontbencher Michael Gove with a (shock!) sympathetic take on the PM’s biscuitgate