Online training provider The Bakery School is adding a further module to its 40-module bakery training portfolio.

The module Training Matrix will go live on 5 September. Designed to support the employer or supervisor, the module will help them to set up a simple matrix system for bakery training, in an easy to follow format that will enable the operative to see the progress of the training.

Current Bakery School customers have expressed their support for the website. Caroline Grant, bakery general manager at Betty’s and Taylors of Harrogate said: “We are always keen to support new training initiatives and have found the Bakery School training website very easy to use, with lots of valuable underpinning knowledge content that complements our in-house craft training programme.”

Michelle Ray of Merseyside craft bakery M. Ray said: “The Bakery School is absolutely ideal for our business. We are a small craft bakery, with 14 staff on the production side. We make a huge variety of products, all from scratch. It is all very well showing someone how to make a product. but this needs to be backed up with the theory side so they know WHY they need to make it a certain way.

I’m finding the “fault finding” section especially useful, as staff can refer to it whenever they make a less-than-perfect product. I can see us using the bakery school for all of our training in the future.”

The site has been set up by Jean Grieves and Albert Waterfield MBE as a low-cost solution to the bakery skills gap.

Visit the website at or call 01942 704104.