The British Sandwich Association (BSA) set a new world record for gathering the largest number of people together to simultaneously make sandwich in a five-minute period.

A total of 607 people took part in the event at Salford Quays in Manchester during British Sandwich Week, this week, beating the previously record of 308 people.

The event, organised by the BSA, was held to launch its ‘Love Lunch’ campaign, encouraging people to take a regular lunch break.

Research conducted by the BSA revealed that more than 25% of adults in the UK don’t even make time for the legal 20-minute break in the working day, and that over 20% admit to regularly skipping lunch altogether.

Jim Winship, director, BSA, said: “The world record event was really all about having fun, but I hope that some of the more serious messages of the campaign about the benefits of stepping away from your desk, grabbing some fresh air and refuelling at lunch time will encourage people to make time for a proper lunch break.”