Two "professional burglars" who repeatedly targeted bakery chain Oddies’ shops in East Lancashire could be facing jail terms.

Burnley Magistrates heard how Paul Ludlam, 34, of Ardwick Street, Burnley, and Keith Kavanagh, 40, of Fleet Street, Nelson, were partners in crime at five separate raids at the 15-shop chain.

Ludlam admitted eight burglaries and asked for 21 to be considered. Co-defendant Kavanagh pleaded guilty to four allegations.

The pair were committed to Burnley Crown Court for sentencing on 1 June, after the bench said its powers of punishment were not sufficient.

Oddies’ sales manager Ian Dempsey told British Baker that the pair had managed to break into five different shops by remo-ving slates and climbing through the roofs.

They were eventually caught inside a shop after neighbours heard a disturbance.

Dempsey commented: "They got a bit of money from the first shop, but we don’t really keep money in the shops. The problem now lies in repairing the damage they have caused."