One baker’s pepper pasties have become an internet hit, after pasty lovers set up an online fan club on Facebook.

The Jolly Baker appreciation group now has 682 members on the social networking site where fans have posted pictures of themselves enjoying the pasties, below the description: “You cannot beat the pepperiness of this pasty or thin pastry of this delicious pasty!”

Local Sue George set up the fan page and said: “I know local businesses who regularly get their Pepper Pasties there - they are a local treasure really. I know it may sound obsessive - but we all love them locally.”

Baker Alan Lamb has been making the pies to a 60-year-old recipe for the last 23 years in his Welsh shop, the Jolly Baker in Barry, and was surprised to discover they had an online fan base: “I’m amazed that so many people have taken the trouble to sign up. I don’t think it’s done us any harm though, as we had our best week last week for sales.”

He added: I think we’re getting back a few people who haven’t been here for a while, as well as some new customers.”

Alan makes more than 200 pasties - consisting of meat, onion and potato - every day, which sell for 80p and is his most popular product.