Bristol-based pie maker Pieminister is to launch ‘Big Pie Night’ – a pie menu solution which it claims can help pubs and bars achieve a gross profit of over 60%.

The launch will coincide with British Pie Week (1-7 March 2010), and the firm will be giving away free pies, gravy, mash and peas to participating pubs to kick-start the new concept.

Pieminister will also be working with participating pubs to promote Big Pie Night with marketing tools including point-of-sale and online promotion.

The firm claims some of the benefits of running Big Pie Night as a regular feature include lower staff costs, total consistency and portion control, the need for minimal kitchen equipment, and minimal preparation time.

To find out more contact Rachael Armstrong on 07738 087299 or email

* During British Pie Week, Pieminister will offer all participating pubs 24 pies (six different varieties), as well as 4kg mash, 2kg minty m’peas and 1 litre of gravy for free.