Proper Cornish has set a new world record for the heaviest handmade pasty, weighing in at almost 1 tonne.

The pasty was made as part of a new TV series, Monster Munchies, to be screened on the Good Food channel on 8 November, and measured over 4 metres in length and 1.4 metres wide.

It was officially weighed at Proper Cornish’s factory in Bodmin, Cornwall, before being delivered to Fowey where it was measured and tasted before being cut up and distributed to hundreds of spectators. The previous record was 400kg.

Proper Cornish went head-to-head with another local food producer to make the largest Cornish pasty possible in 24 hours for the new series, which celebrates Britain’s best food by supersizing some classic dishes. The firm was crowned champions of the bake-off by five local judges.

“The logistics of making such a large pasty were challenging to say the least, as the final product had to taste good as well as being enormous,” commented Phil Ugalde, chairman of Proper Cornish Food Company.

The ingredients included 165kg of beef skirt, 352kg of potatoes, 106kg of swede, 96kg of onion and 381kg of pastry.

“We even had to build a new oven to cook it, and delivering it to Fowey involved a JCB, a forklift, a lorry and a lot of manpower,” he added.