The Real Bread Campaign plans to recruit more craft bakers to its cause by launching a practical guide on how to cut additives in commercially made loaves.

Raising support among craft bakers will be a key responsibility for a new National Lottery-funded campaign co-ordinator, due to be appointed shortly, said campaign founder Andrew Whitley.

"We want to reach out to small bakers via a real bread information pack, which will explain the benefits of making bread without additives and with the appropriate amount of fermentation, as well as giving practical hints and recipes," he said, adding that he hoped to arrange a meeting with the National Association of Master Bakers to discuss the idea.

The Real Bread Campaign, run by food and farming charity Sustain, promotes bread made without improvers, that has been fermented for at least four hours. Whitley said craft bakers could join the campaign if only some of their products were made in this way, but would need clear labelling to differentiate ’real’ bread and those made with improvers.