According to a new IGD report, consumers will continue to be more careful about spending money in the future even once the effects of the recession have worn off. More than half (54%) said they would be more careful, whereas only 5% said they would be more frivolous, and 39% didn’t think their habits would change.

Looking beyond the recession, 26% of consumers asked said they would shop more at farmers’ markets, 23% said they would shop at specialist stores more, and 15% think they would shop less on the high street. The survey also revealed that 37% of consumers expected to be buying more local and regional food by 2012 and 31% expected to buy more Fairtrade products. When it comes to organic foods, 15% expected to buy more, but 11% said they would buy less. Fish looks like it will see an increase in sales, with 26% planning to eat more of it, whereas 21% think they would eat less meat.

"Shoppers expect to be more careful in making their choices than today. That doesn’t mean trading down at least according to shoppers. Almost half expect to enjoy a better quality of food by 2012," said Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD. "Shopper predictions don’t always come to pass and companies can always redirect trends, but shoppers are saying that the tide of change is only just under way."