Yorkshire-based bakery Ainsleys has relaunched its well-known Rhubarb Pie in response to a resurgence in demand for one of the region’s most popular desserts.

The Leeds bakery is relaunching the pie with its original filling recipe, first introduced by the founder of the company in the 1950s. However, the traditional filling will now be encased in a luxurious deep-fill pastry case, says the firm, designed to enhance the natural flavours of the rhubarb and offer a satisfying dessert for the consumer.

Third-generation family member James Ainsley, head of sales and marketing at the bakery, comments: "It is a true pleasure to welcome back to our shelves the famous Ainsleys Rhubarb Pie. By reverting back to our original recipe, we are offering consumers a taste of tradition, insisting on the use of fresh, local rhubarb, so as not to compromise on taste or quality."

The rhubarb season traditionally runs from April to September, but it can be force-grown, accounting for its availability earlier in the year.Ainsleys, which has 31 stores operating across Yorkshire, is sourcing its rhubarb from one of the UK’s largest rhubarb producers, Oldroyd’s Farm in Wakefield, which is listed as a Rick Stein Food Hero producer. The Oldroyd family has been farming rhubarb for five generations and has seen a bumper crop this year.

"The recent resurgence in demand for rhubarb can be attributed to its beneficial health properties, appealing to health-conscious consumers as well as those who have a hunger for traditional Yorkshire food," adds Ainsley. "Our alliance with Oldroyd’s ensures our pies exceed expectation."